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    Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists also offers appointments in the evening and at weekends. Our practice is easy to reach with public transport and there is ample parking nearby.

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    Our dental surgery in Amstelveen Randwijck offers high quality care, clear information about procedures and a personalised treatment plan.

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    At Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists we aim to make your child feel at home. Our dentists are specialised in paediatric dentistry. You will never have to wait long with your child.

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Treatments that we offer

  • When is treatment required? What are the options?

  • How many appointments are required for treatment?

  • What should I expect from the procedure? Which method is used?


The dentist can mask flaws such as crooked, discoloured, chipped or gap teeth using veneers.
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Onze mondhygiënistes zorgen ervoor dat uw gebit een grondige reiniging krijgt en leveren daarmee een actieve bijdrage aan uw mondverzorging.
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Digital Smile Design

If you are dissatisfied with your teeth, Digital Smile Design software enables you to visualise the beautiful smile you could have.
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Teeth whitening

Many people who are embarrassed by discolouration of their teeth decide to have them whitened for a fresher look.
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Root canal treatment

Don’t ignore an infection. Root canal treatment is painless nowadays and getting treatment in time will prevent more damage to your teeth and jaw bone.
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Tooth wear

Tooth wear can cause discoloured or sensitive teeth. Or cause trouble with chewing, talking or eating. Even if tooth wear is not noticeable, treatment may be required to maintain the health of your teeth.
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What our patients say about us:

Denise is a knowledgeable and pleasant dentist who is up to date on all the latest dental techniques! I am happy to go there for my appointment. The assistants are very attentive and sweet. Highly recommended!

Excellent dentist practice. Friendly, modern and competent. My compliments to Janneke and her assistant.

Thanks to Janneke’s dental craftsmanship my teeth look great again. Excellent! Such a skilled dentist! My compliments to the assistants too. Knowledgeable and caring.

I have been a patient of Denise Arnout’s for years. She is attentive, extremely skilled and a generally nice person. I haven’t had any problems with my teeth for years. Thank you, Denise!

Great quality work and, most importantly, the kids loved it! Not a single tear was spilt.

I would never claim that I actually enjoy going to the dentist, but that’s why I appreciate how Denise and her colleagues treat me. I couldn’t wish for a better dentist!

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