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Do you have a cavity? Do you want your grey amalgam fillings replaced? Are you experiencing sensitivity along the rim of a tooth due to receding gums? Or have you chipped or damaged part of your tooth?

A white filling (shaded in the appropriate colour to match your other teeth) can be used to repair your tooth. After treatment you will be able to chew normally again and your teeth will look much improved.

Why is it important to have a cavity repaired promptly?

By having your dentist fill a cavity as soon as possible, you avoid the cavity worsening and the associated pain intensifying. If you wait too long to have a cavity filled, inflammation can spread, resulting in the need for root canal treatment or even the loss of a tooth.

Fases van tandverval en ontstaan van gaatjes in het gebit. – Door uw tand of kies tijdig te laten vullen door de tandarts, voorkomt u grotere schade en daarmee gepaarde pijnklachten.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A cavity or problematic filling does not always hurt.

  • That is why we advise regular checkups to detect problems as early as possible.

Is a composite filling better than an amalgam filling?

White (composite) fillings are the norm nowadays, mainly for aesthetic reasons. At Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists we choose to only use white composite or porcelain fillings.

The technique we use ensures that your new white filling is even stronger than amalgam fillings. We apply multiple layers and colourings during the procedure, resulting in a filling that is indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

A top quality filling for the same price

Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists choose to work with top products Filtek Supreme by 3M and Clearfil APX by Kuraray thanks to their aesthetic qualities and great durability. Applying these products in various colour layers results in a natural-looking filling that is indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

What can I expect during a composite filling procedure?

  • Step 1

    The dentist will start by talking you through each step of the procedure. A local anaesthetic will be administered to numb the area. We strive for pain-free procedures. If you prefer not to have the area numbed, please let us know so we can accommodate.

  • Step 2

    The tooth is cleaned thoroughly, removing all harmful bacteria.

  • Step 3

    The dentist will place a dental dam to keep the tooth dry before being filled. Research has shown that applying a filling to a dry surface results in improved bonding with the tooth which means the filling will last much longer.

  • Step 4

    Once the filling is in position, the dental dam is removed. The filling is then filed into the correct shape and polished with various polishing materials.