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    In our practice in Amstelveen Randwijck you receive qualitative care, clear explanations and a personal approach.

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  • Dental care for your child

    At Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists we aim to make your child feel at home. Our dentists are specialised in paediatric dentistry. You will never have to wait long with your child.

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  • Convenient opening hours and location

    Easily accessible by public transport and car parking is free.

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Arnout & Hobbelink

A small modern practice in Amstelveen Randwijck

Nearby Amsterdam Buitenveldert, Amstelveen Elsrijk, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, RAI Amsterdam and Zuidas. Easy to get to by car and public transportation.

Proper dental care is important, both for a beautiful smile and your overall health. Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists offer high quality care. You can expect personal attention and clear communication about your treatment.

  • We listen attentively to your wishes and preferences.
  • In consultation with your dentist, you decide which treatment is best for you.
  • We focus on prevention and prioritize oral hygiene to avoid unnecessary treatment.
  • We offer convenient opening hours, including evenings and weekend.
  • Our professionals use state-of-the-art technology.
  • We value clear information and communicating regarding procedures and the costs.
  • We always use top-quality materials without charging extra.

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Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists is currently accepting new patients.

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You can find us here

Arnout & Hobbelink

Texelstraat 78
1181 ES Amstelveen

Phone: 020 – 642 07 07
Email: info@ahtandartsen.nl

Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists is a small modern practice in Amstelveen Randwijck.
Nearby Amsterdam Buitenveldert, Amstelveen Elsrijk, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, RAI Amsterdam and the Zuidas. Easy to get to by car and public transport.

Treatments that we offer


The dentist can mask flaws such as crooked, discoloured, chipped or gap teeth using veneers.
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Digital Smile Design

If you are dissatisfied with your teeth, Digital Smile Design software enables you to visualise the beautiful smile you could have.
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Teeth whitening

Many people who are embarrassed by discolouration of their teeth decide to have them whitened for a fresher look.
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Root canal treatment

Don’t ignore an infection. Root canal treatment is painless nowadays and getting treatment in time will prevent more damage to your teeth and jaw bone.
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Tooth wear

Tooth wear can cause discoloured or sensitive teeth. Or cause trouble with chewing, talking or eating. Even if tooth wear is not noticeable, treatment may be required to maintain the health of your teeth.
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Sustainability & Air Quality

More and more people in dental care and other sectors want to contribute to a good environment. There is a lot left to improve to make buildings, equipment and practices more sustainable. That is quite a challenge in a dental practice. Due to our hygiene protocols, we are obliged to work with many disposable materials. Think of gloves, cups, extractors, etc. However, we are consciously working on this. We try to separate as much plastic as possible and purchase our materials sustainably. We have our dental technicians in-house, which eliminates a major transportation factor. By working with scanners, we do not have to purchase materials that end up in the waste. This way we try to contribute to a healthier environment.

Fresh air is important for our general health. That is why it is important in buildings to have a good ventilation system. This enhances better air quality and reduces particulate matter. It helps to reduce viruses, bacteria or other particles that may be hazardous to our system. This is of utter importance in a dental practice. That is why we incorporated an extensive ventilation system that refreshes the air in every room within the hour. Special filters catch pollen, (micro)dust and germs to create a healthy environment for staff and patient.

What our patients say about us:

Denise is a knowledgeable and pleasant dentist who is up to date on all the latest dental techniques! I am happy to go there for my appointment. The assistants are very attentive and sweet. Highly recommended!

Excellent dentist practice. Friendly, modern and competent. My compliments to Janneke and her assistant.

Thanks to Janneke’s dental craftsmanship my teeth look great again. Excellent! Such a skilled dentist! My compliments to the assistants too. Knowledgeable and caring.

I have been a patient of Denise Arnout’s for years. She is attentive, extremely skilled and a generally nice person. I haven’t had any problems with my teeth for years. Thank you, Denise!

Great quality work and, most importantly, the kids loved it! Not a single tear was spilt.

I would never claim that I actually enjoy going to the dentist, but that’s why I appreciate how Denise and her colleagues treat me. I couldn’t wish for a better dentist!

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Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists is currently accepting new patients.

Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nlArnout & Hobbelink Dentists is reviewed at ZorgkaartNederland. Read all reviews or write a review

09:27 15 Apr 24
I was satisfied with this dental practice, until I suffered an acute jaw infection and absolutely could not go for an urgent check-up on the same day or even the day after. The practice was open until 7 p.m.! Fortunately, I was able to go to the doctor quickly and then had to run from one emergency dentist to another, even though I was six months pregnant! The dental assistant (and perhaps also the dentist) had shown absolutely no understanding of this. So I'll never come back here again, which is a shame.
Safira StreumerSafira Streumer
09:59 09 Apr 24
What a nice dental practice. I am the scared patient, Janneke Hobbelink has been making me feel at ease for years, very professional, sweet and always positively happy.Recently I filled in my exposed tooth necks. It looks fantastic!!!!Thanks Janneke.
Elly Van der schaafElly Van der schaaf
19:59 04 Apr 24
After a long search I found MY dentist! Super happy with the treatments, so good that if I move, I will stay with Arnout&Hobbelink
Valerija FilipovaValerija Filipova
22:07 22 Mar 24
Well done, best practice I found in the Netherlands! I have had a problem with my implant and no one could help me, neither emergency clinics, nor normal stomatologist, until I found This stomatology and amazing implantologist resolved all the issues in like 5 minutes. You can at once understand these people don't try to get money out of you, they just doing their job and doing it on a high level! Now on I will go only here! And recommend to everyone!
11:03 21 Mar 24
I only had a little experience with this dental practice, but i found its good to share it, because choosing it myself i was looking at the reviews. Unfortunatelly i cant say i recommend it... but as i said my experience was little- i had my retention replaced (this iron thing behind the teeth, you know it if you had braces) - it was done without cleaning my teeth before... anyway it fell off in two places already (in less than half year).Cleaning my teeth was supposed to be done too, but it happened after and was too painful I didn't want to continue.So that was actually it...I have found a better place for cleaning and putting retention.
16:09 05 Mar 24
Been a patient at this dental practice for 2 months, great! That is actually what makes many sentences redundant... From receptionist to dental hygienist and dentists, what a practice, with skilled, sweet and understanding professionals! Today I had my implants put in, which I had been dreading with other dentists for 15 years. Without pain I write this review....This Dental Practice.....A big 10..Good, Bram
christy spanjaardchristy spanjaard
15:32 24 Jan 24
After not having been to the dentist for almost 3 years, my parents introduced me to the Arnout & Hobbelink practice.I had many different oral problems and my anxiety grew more and more.My first appointment was with Fleur, I was very nervous but Fleur and the assistant Ebru took away a lot of my tension. Together we made a nice clear treatment plan and we started with it. I am so happy with this practice. I am very happy with all the girls who work there!Denise also has the patience of a saint and you immediately feel calm and at ease.You really get the feeling that they understand you and they certainly gain your trust.Thanks for everything :)
Toby UrffToby Urff
12:59 07 Dec 23
Denise Arnout is the best dentist I have ever had, and I keep going back to her practice even during and after a few years abroad. I really appreciate her honest and practical approach – she's great at recommending solutions that work within my budget and is honest about what might be good to do and what is really necessary. It's the first time at a dentist where I don't feel like I'm being sold procedures and things constantly, but actually get presented with the options in an honest and open way.
Tim van DonselaarTim van Donselaar
19:19 23 Nov 23
I've been here all my life, first with the previous owner and still after he was taken over. I now live in Lelystad, but I still drive to Amstelveen every six months for a check-up, because it is simply a nice practice. The staff is friendly, recognizes you and you will not be pressured into asking you for any strange necessary treatment with many costs. My wisdom teeth were extracted well here, it's nice that I could do it at my own dentist and I didn't have to go to the hospital for it.So I can recommend everyone to go here!
Modern, light, practical, well supported. Experienced, knowledgeable and very pleasant employees. Efficient and effective.
Garos GlobalGaros Global
13:43 30 Oct 23
Best dentist in Amsterdam for Leo Melikyan Pediatric Dentist Anush always has a pleasant atmosphere, makes my teeth clean and beautiful, thank you kind regards Leo
Abhijit BashettiAbhijit Bashetti
14:56 19 Oct 23
My experience at Tandartsenpraktijk Arnout & Hobbelink has been excellent. As I am an expat, quite hesitant about it and not sure to how find the good one.A dear friend of mine suggested and had good experience with them. Hence I approached them and found them very nice.They are really nice, friendly, knowledgeable, professional.They provided good guidance and treatment to me and my son. Really happy with the service.Overall a very nice and positive experience.I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dental treatment.
Victoria OppenheimVictoria Oppenheim
17:32 17 Aug 23
Amazing place! Both for normal dental services and also for facings. Fleur did my facings and it looks really natural. Not often you get to see such a service minded company in the Netherlands. Strongly recommend!
Terry PenalverTerry Penalver
10:00 04 Aug 23
My temporary crown fell out and after ringing 3 dentists in the area this was the one that was empathetic and offered treatment. Very pleased with my treatemnt.
Leanne PapsLeanne Paps
13:18 18 May 22
As expats it was nerve wrecking trying to find a new family dentist, but we couldn't be happier with our new one. Our dentist and the dental assistants are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, professional and really good at what they do. The practice is also modern and bright with modern equipment, which makes it even less stressful to visit. So thankful to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist
09:55 04 Aug 17
Perfect team. Good work. Good organized. Since years the best.
Krystan HubertsKrystan Huberts
07:54 13 May 16
Super happy met Janneke!