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Teeth Whitening

Teeth play an important role in how we look and consequently, our confidence – particularly when our appearance is important for an activity or work. Discoloured teeth can make us feel insecure and embarrassed about our appearance. For this reason many people decide to have their teeth whitened and Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists receive regular requests for this procedure.

What causes tooth discolouration?

People’s teeth can vary widely in colour. Some have naturally white teeth, others have slightly yellower teeth. This is partly genetic and partly influenced by other causes. Sometimes just one tooth is discoloured compared to the rest. This often occurs as a result of trauma to the tooth such as from a sporting, traffic or domestic accident or from violence.

Besides its natural colour, there are two elements that determine the (dis)colouration of a tooth:

  • External discolouration of the tooth surface.

    This can be caused by colourings from certain foods, coffee, tea or smoking. Carbonated soda erodes the lighter layer of enamel on a tooth, revealing the yellower dentine below. This makes teeth appear more yellow. As we age, our enamel naturally erodes, causing our teeth to appear progressively darker.

  • Internal discolouration of the dentine or enamel

    This can be caused by a tooth nerve that has died (due to trauma or an infection) or by a dark filling shining through the tooth enamel.

Is it safe to have my teeth whitened?

Yes. The method used by Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists to whiten your teeth is 100% safe.

You may have heard worrying stories about tooth-bleaching. Such stories are likely to stem from the period before stricter European regulations were introduced in 2012. Before then, many tooth whitening clinics used up to 35% hydrogen peroxide which can have a negative impact on gums and enamel. Such old-fashioned techniques are no longer necessary (even if some clinics insist that they are).

What should I expect from a teeth-whitening procedure at Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists?

At Arnout & Hobbelink Dentists we use the home-whitening method.

This means that it may take a little longer to achieve a noticeable effect, but it offers a much safer and durable result. You are given detailed instructions on how to implement the method yourself at home, safely and at a time convenient for you.

  • STEP 1

    During the first appointment, the dentist will take moulds of your teeth. Using these moulds, the dental technician manufactures customised whitening trays for your upper and lower teeth. The dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth beforehand to improve the effectiveness of the whitening procedure.

  • STEP 2

    Two weeks later you can pick up the whitening trays at our dental practice. You will receive detailed instructions on how to perform the whitening treatment at home.

  • STEP 3

    At home you wear the whitening trays until your teeth have lightened to the desired colour. This usually takes around 2-6 days/nights.

    After completing treatment you can choose to wear the whitening tray sporadically to keep your teeth the right colour.