Dental implants Amstelveen

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If you are missing one or more teeth or your (partial) dentures are uncomfortable, a dental implant could be the answer.

Dental implants Amstelveen

If you are missing teeth, you are probably experiencing difficulties with eating, talking and, worst of all, smiling. Dentists Arnout & Hobbelink in Amstelveen offer implant surgery with which they restore your original teeth. By recuperating your teeth, you can talk and eat just like you did before. But most important of all: you will no longer have the urge to hide your smile.

Are you dreaming of flaunting your perfect teeth? Our experienced dentists are here to help. Contact us for a first consultation, during which we can discuss and weigh your options. You can do so by giving us a call or by registering as a new patient.

  • Dentists with heaps of experience in the procedure of placing dental implants

  • Spectacular results, both esthetically and functionally

  • Dentistry centrally located in Amstelveen

Specialist in dental implants in Amstelveen

Dentistry Arnout & Hobbelink in Amstelveen is a dental implants specialist. The dentists who work in our practice have years of experience under their belt and next to that, our practice is fitted with the newest and finest equipment. We use the latest techniques. This way, we assure you that our treatments are professional and thorough. We are a licensed dental practice.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is basically a small, titanium screw, anchored in your jawbone, on which we place a false tooth, a bridge, or an entire set of false teeth. The dental implant functions as the foundation.

When can dental implants help my dental problems?

  • When you lost one or several teeth

  • When a tooth has to be pulled

  • When your dentures are too loose, cause pain during eating or when you experience difficulties talking

  • When a prosthesis in your mouth feels uncomfortable

With dental implants, you replace missing teeth, or you fix dentures. We can even use dental implants when we want to replace your complete set of teeth with implants.


Every patient we help is different. Each has his own preferences and needs. This is why we make a personal plan for each patient we treat. Even so, the procedure of placing dental implants is more or less the same for everyone. To give you an impression, we would like to take you through the basic steps of this special treatment.

    Following the examination of your teeth and your overall medical health, the dentist can determine if dental implants are suitable for you.

    The dentist takes a good look at your dental problem and takes your wishes into account during his assessment. He calmly goes through all the options and if dental implants are indeed the best solution, we make a follow-up appointment.

    When the intake is over, the dentist sends you his treatment plan, along with the cost estimate. In order to prepare you for the treatment itself, you will also receive information on the treatment and, if needed, doctor’s prescriptions.

    Prior to the treatment you will receive the information regarding the treatment and possible prescriptions at home.


    Placing dental implants is a surgical operation during which we give you a local anesthetic. After the treatment, you can experience pain. For this we prescribe you painkillers you can take home.

    It is paramount that you clean your teeth thoroughly. This speeds up the healing process. We advise you to stop smoking and moderate your drinking, as this slows the healing process down dramatically. The time it takes for the implants to settle in differs per situation.


    De dentist makes a scan or print with which he makes the prosthesis. We use a Cone Beam CT scanner, also know as CBCT scanner. This modern scanner makes a 3D image of your jaw, which we use to make the prosthesis. We use the same image to determine where the titanium screws have to go.

    The CBCT scanner gives us the opportunity to work very accurately. The treatment is much less painful, and the risk of complications is minimal.


    When the prosthesis has been made, we can place it on the screw. For instance, dentures can be firmly attached to the screws. A single tooth is attached to a button system or a bar.

    Important to know: if your prosthesis is too loose, it is possible that your insurance compensates the costs. Ask your dentist to be sure.


    To keep your dental prosthesis in optimal condition, it is important to keep your teeth clean and have them checked regularly. This ensures a longer life of your implants. It is wise to keep to the usual periodic inspections every six months.

Can we help?

You are more than welcome to visit our dentistry in Amstelveen for new dental implants. Do you have any questions or special requests? Please discuss them with our specialists by contacting us:

Frequently asked questions dental implants Amstelveen

Please find a collection of frequently asked questions concerning dental implants. If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us.

We always use local anesthetic when we carry out this procedure. U won’t feel a thing. Of course, we check if the anesthetic is working before we start. Some patients experience pain after the treatment. For this, we can prescribe you painkillers.

Generally, there is no expiration date on dental implants: they are designed to last a lifetime. However, we cannot guarantee this. Dental implants, like your own teeth, are susceptible to trauma, neglect, disease and drug use.
That depends entirely on what your (health) insurance covers. We advise you to carefully check your policy and contact your insurer. This way, you will not be faced with unexpected costs when we place the implants.

Normally, implants are suitable for anyone whose jawbone has fully grown. Dental implants do not grow along. So young adults who are missing teeth and/or molars are also eligible for this treatment.