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When it comes to teeth, people nowadays have higher aesthetic ideals than they used to. That’s understandable because a beautiful smile helps you feel good about yourself. Not surprisingly, the demand for aesthetic dentistry has increased enormously in recent years.

Many people are dissatisfied with their teeth but are unsure about the options available to improve them. Or they may be hesitant to embark on aesthetic treatment because they are not sure how successful the outcome will be.

With Digital Smile Design you can see how your new smile will look, without undergoing any procedures whatsoever.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is a digital tool with which the dentist can improve a patient’s smile by manipulating digital photographs. The patient’s personal wishes for their new and enhanced smile are leading when it comes to the design choices. Your teeth, lips and facial structure are digitally analysed to create the ideal smile. Before performing any actual procedures you can try out your ideal smile in your own mouth using a custom-made ‘try-in’.

What should I expect from a Digital Smile Design procedure?


    During the intake appointment the dentist will examine your teeth, listen closely to what your preferences and expectations are and answer any questions you may have. Finally photographs are taken of your teeth and facial structure.


    Using the specialised DSD software, the dentist will analyse your face, taking note of the structure and the distance ratio of your teeth, gums, face and smile. With that information, the dentist will create a Smile Design of your ideal smile. This means the dentist can show you how your ideal smile will look without having to actually perform any procedures! If you are satisfied with the Smile Design, we go on to discuss how it can best be achieved.

  • STEP 3 – WAX UP

    Using the Smile Design, a dental technician makes a ‘wax-up’. By combining the ‘wax-up’, photographs and facial analysis, an even more accurate preview of the end result can be achieved.

  • STEP 4 – TRY IN

    Using the Smile Design, a dental technician makes a ‘wax-up’. By combining the ‘wax-up’, photographs and facial analysis, an even more accurate preview of the end result can be achieved.


    You will receive a treatment plan explaining the required procedures, the time frame for scheduling the procedures and what they will cost. If you agree, we will start with the treatments.

  • STEP 6 – AESTHETIC PROCEDURES (if you agree with the treatment plan)

    How many appointments are required and what the time frame for the procedures will be, depends on your personal dental circumstances. In the treatment plan that you received (step 5) all procedures and a time frame are explained in detail.


    When treatment has been successfully completed, the dentist will perform a final check of the result. Optionally, you can request another photo session by your dentist so that you can proudly share ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs with your friends and family.

Examples of Digital Smile Design


Dissatisfied with the position and discolouration of teeth.

Desired result:

A good-looking, natural smile with straight teeth, but not too Hollywood.

Choice of treatment after Digital Smile Design:

As there were still many old composite fillings present, the decision was made to place crowns on six front teeth and two molars. We chose a colour that was not too light. Bringing the colour up just a couple of shades made all the difference!

The result:

Straight, whiter teeth. A good-looking, natural smile.


Teeth were crooked, discoloured and varied noticeably in length.

Desired result:

A beautiful, full smile showing more of my teeth. Definitely want to avoid having to wear braces.

Choice of treatment after Digital Smile Design:

Porcelain veneers were implemented to achieve an optimal result. After placing a ‘try-in’ to evaluate the final result, an appointment was made to place the veneers.

The result:

A beautiful, straight and full smile.


Teeth were seriously eroded by cola and tooth-grinding.

Desired result:

A beautiful, full, healthy-looking smile.

Choice of treatment after Digital Smile Design:

Upper teeth were repaired and reconstructed with composite.

The result:

I have my beautiful smile back and my teeth are now protected from further erosion.